Cleantech Open Spain, the most important competition for clean technology companies is looking for the best Spanish projects.

CLEANTECH OPEN is the largest clean energy project accelerator worldwide. Its mission is identifying, promoting and funding entrepreneurs and startups with great ideas for overcoming today’s challenges from an energy, environmental and economic perspective.

Since 2006 Cleantech Open holds a worldwide competition in which over 580 companies from 50 different countries have already participated and received help to materialize their ideas through education and a global network that brings entrepreneurs and the resources they need together.

The goal is providing opportunities and resources to the most promising companies so they can present their ideas and projects in an international context. Cleantech Open offers an excellent opportunity of getting in touch with some of the most important investors, business leaders and clients from the clean technology sector.

Thus, a company founded in Norway or South Africa can benefit from consulting with an Indian, Chilean or Latvian expert, license their technology to companies in China or France and receive funds from Australia or the United States.

With the aim of further consolidating this global network, different regional competitions have been established, and Cleantech Open Spain is one of them. Following the success of previous editions, Cleantech Open Spain, sponsored by Repsol and with institutional support provided by the Government of Navarra through SODENA (Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra), returns with the third edition of the Global Ideas Competition in search for the most promising clean technology startups.

Rex Northern, Director General de Cleantech Open

And for the first time ever we will celebrate an Europen Investor Connect during two days in which the finalists from each regional competition in Europe as well as participants in previous editions, organizers, investors, large corporations and academics will be able to get in touch.