The first European Investor Connect ever will be held in Europe. At it, winners and finalists from each of the European editions of Cleantech Open will have the opportunity of interacting with the most important agents in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: investors, business angels, big businesses, etc.

A high performance workspace will receive approximately 25 startups and give them the opportunity of making connections that will enable them to go ahead with their projects.

The goal is having all participants interact in order to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem at both European and national levels by establishing a solid, long-lasting network in the field of clean technologies.

European Investor Connect will be heldon October 18 and 19, 2012 at Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country, Spain), a 45 minute drive from Bilbao airport. Vitoria-Gasteiz, chosen as Green European Capital for 2012 is the perfect setting for this event


Attendees will enjoy a broad range of activities programmed for these two days: seminars, investment forums and networking and relaxation activities to enjoy the region, its wines and food.

European Investor Connect will allow startups to meet the key actors in the field and establish valuable connections, as well as meeting the speakers and prestigious experts participating in the work sessions.

For investors, this event is an opportunity for getting to know the most technologically advanced projects in the clean technology sector being developed in Europe right now.

Please, find the event’s agenda here.

Investors Panel

Sumeet Jain Paloma Cabello Alberto Clerigué
Partner with CMEA Capital Investor and founding patron, MIT Enterprise Forum Spain Director for Investment Promotion, in charge of renewable Energies/Environment and Internationalization at SODENA

David Villaró Diogo Reis María Echávarri Toda
CIO and project manager for Caixa Capital Risc Director, Plenium Partners Investment analyst for José Manuel Entrecanales Foundation for Innovation and Sustainability

Christopher Clapham Íñigo Palacio Prada Carlos Ruíz de Gauna
Founder of New Energy Ventures Deputy Director Repsol New Energy Ventures Investment Manager Repsol New Energy Ventures

Thibaud Durand Marcos Semmler Diego Díaz
Najeti Capital Executive Vice President & BridgeGrowth Partner Venture Partner at Demeter Partners Head of Disruptive Initiatives at Iberdrola

Maialen Astarbe Óscar Álvarez Irene Gutiérrez
Investment analyst at Gestión de Capital Riesgo del País Vasco SGECR, S.A. Business Development at Gamesa Gamesa Coporación Tecnológica Investment Analyst at Talde Capital Riesgo

Attending Companies

Gomavial Solutions from Spain, is a technological company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-value technology products, obtained from used tires, aimed for the civil engineering, industrial and environmental sectors.

GridPocket is a French company, which focus exclusively on development of Value Added Services for the SmartGrid. The solutions of GridPocket include innovative mobile Internet applications for electrical energy consumption management, demand control software, CRM and experts systems. GridPocket’s applications enable end-users to take full control over their energy spending, and reduce their CO2 emissions.

Solar Euromed is a high technology group, born in France, which provides innovative solutions in the field of Concentrated Solar Power. Their proprietary technology generates a clean and renewable energy and contributes to the development of the people living in the sunniest regions of the world.

Norsetek from Norway is a young technology company, consisting of experienced personnel from the Norwegian maritime and offshore industry. The company possesses technology for record breaking light and large wind turbines. The technology is protected by Norwegian patent.

Perlemax, from UK, is the development company of Professor William Zimmerman focused on micro bubbles. Currently there are two created techniques, which will have a high impact on many different processes by improving yields, cutting power consumption or allowing new techniques to be realized.

Cambridge Nanotherm, was established in 2010 to commercialise proprietary nanoceramic technology in electronic industry, technology has been developed internationally renowed scientists, co-founders of the company.

BioFiltro, from Chile, is a commercially proven biological reactor technology for the treatment of household sewage & liquid industrial waste of organic origin. The US-patented technology uses 80% less energy, requires no chemicals, and is 1/3 the cost of competing solutions. They were the winners of Cleantech Open Global Forum 2011.

Powertrack, from Spain, is a technological company that has developed a new power transmission system for application to multiple industries, offering to each and every one of them, a differentiating factor for those companies that implement it, putting them as leaders within their sector.

Flamestick, from Bosnia, is a firestarter made from recycled thermoplastic. While plastic may sound like a strange way to start a fire, the Flamestick offers several advantages over more traditional materials. The Flamestick’s recycled thermoplastic lights quickly and burns hot, providing a capable firestarter for lighting campfires, stoves, etc.

Gr3n from Italy, developed an innovative process, based on a new application of microwave technology to a well known chemical reaction, which provides for the first time an economically efficient chemical recycling of PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate), and allows an industrial implementation of this recycling method. This new process can potentially change how PET is recycled worldwide.

Airgloss provides a cost effective and reliable solution for real time indoor air quality monitoring. The device allows the detection of bad indoor air quality scenarios preventing some serious diseases correlated to the presence of dangerous VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in indoor environments like houses, offices and other rooms where people spend the most of time.

MRS (Material Recovery System) from Italy, designs systems for the industrial sector, with the purposes to reduce the wastes and to recover used materials. In particular, the activities of MRS have been focused up to now on the design of electro-mechanical systems for the recovery of materials in thin film deposition processes, which are often characterized by particularly low efficiency and complicated procedures of maintenance.

Kliux Energies is a Spanish company, with an international presence, that specialises in distributed energy solutions or energy generated at the site where it is to be used tailor-made to the client´s needs. They have worldwide exclusivity rights to manufacture and sell the Geo 4k vertical-axis wind turbine.

KeelWit is a Spanish engineering company based in Madrid, focused on the design, setting-up & implementation of advanced technological solutions for different projects. Focused on two business sectors: electro-mobility & energy (mainly energy storage systems for different uses, energy management optimization, energy efficiency and heat transmission technologies)

XIAL from Spain, researches, designs and manufactures highly efficient systems for the control and advanced management in HVAC installations.

Ingelia is a Spanish company that offers an innovative model for sustainable use of energy through a technology called Biomass hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC). The basis of the technology consist in getting dehydrated biomass to concentrate the carbon, where is found the calorific value of the organic matter.

OPTIMITIVE from Spain, offers advanced software development, maintenance and services for the real-time improvement of industrial processes. OPTIMITIVE develop proprietary technology and products, based on a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of goods manufacturers

Is a Spanish Company working on the wáter treatment sector, focus on the desing, the setting up and the maintenance of the HBIO water regenerators. with colaboration of the tecnological center GAIKER-IK4, has developed a greywater system, it reduces the wáter consumption up to 50% with a minimun energetic cost.

Urban Intelligent is a wireless engineering and technology company applied to energy efficiency. It arises from the union of a team of professionals from different disciplines, providing differentiated solutions and services to their customers. Urban Intelligent by using advanced technologies are intending to achieve sustainable management of energy resources and optimize the costs of various municipal services.

Park Green develops parkings capable of producing electric energy to be used at electric car charging point or other utilities, through several solar panels integrated in the parking design.

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